Announcing the 2012 Startmate Class

Startmate has invested in eight local startups as part of its 2012 program. Startmate is a mentor-driven seed fund that invests in Australian hackers who have worldwide ambitions to create great Internet startups.

The eight companies of the current program are, in alphabetical order, Clique (@CliqueAppInc), Flightfox (@flightfox), Happy Inspector (@happyinspector), (@semblancesys), Ninja Blocks (@ninjablocks), Scriptrock (@scriptrockapp), Setkick (@Setkick) and Young Republic (@young_republic).

Three of the startups – Flightfox, Ninja Blocks and Young Republic – have female co-founders and two – Setkick from Melbourne and Happy Inspector from Adelaide – have relocated to Sydney for the program.

The number of applications rose from 86 last year to 164 this year.

The 2012 program began on January 3 and goes through to the end of April, culminating in demo days in front of early stage investors in Silicon Valley and now New York.

Each of the five startups in the inaugural program have raised additional capital after Startmate and Grabble was acquired by Wal-Mart in November.

“The road of a startup is long and hard but we’re honoured to be able to invest in and begin working with the exceptional founders of Startmate 2012,” said Niki Scevak, co-founder of Startmate.