CapacityHQ Odesk for freelance lawyers
Koala Safe Child-safe wireless router
Nexus Notes Online marketplace for student notes
Pixel Together Empowers creatives to design and publish unique websites in the cloud
Propeller Aerobotics Intergrating drone data into business
Room Ranger Simply smart hotel management
Shifts The roster app for the worker
Vennd.io Automatic cryptocurrency payment processing


Composure: Smarter and better email. Watch demo day video

Drawboard: Engineering teams working more intelligently together. Watch demo day video

Flirtey: Parcel delivery by flying robots. Watch demo day video

Foogi: Meetings scheduled in seconds. Watch demo day video

HaystaqHQ: Visualising legal e-discovery. Watch demo day video

Inductly: Welcoming people to their jobs. Watch demo day video

Lumific: Your photos automatically organised and enhanced. Watch demo day video

Sporthold: Crowdsourced sporting predictions. Watch demo day video


7pmAnywhere: Online Dating shouldn’t be like flicking through a catalogue
7pmAnywhere failed to gain scale and was ultimately shut down. Amir, the founder, is helping startups in Melbourne and now the program manager of AngelCube
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BugCrowd: Crowdsourced security vulnerability testing
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Edrolo: Better grades for high school students in Asia Pacific.www.edrolo.com
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GetStall: Helping brands in a social world sell to their fans and followers
GetStall failed to get traction and the founders joined other teams during the program.

Kinderloop: Instagram for child care
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Goodcall.io: Convert and retain customers with a phone call

Shiftr: Simply swap work shifts
Shiftr failed to gain scale and was ultimately shut down

Storyberg: Making sure new features mean better metrics
StoryBerg failed to get traction and the founders are pursuing other projects.
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Flightfox: Human powered flight search

Happy Inspector: The fastest property inspection app for the iPad

Vero: Increase conversions with event-triggered emails.


Ninja Blocks: Connect the real world to your favourite web apps

Scriptrock: Simple testing for complex IT systems

Setkick: Beautifully simple production management software for Film & TV

Young Republic: Etsy for emerging fashion designers



BugHerd co-founders Alan Downie and Matt Milosavljevic make the bold claim that BugHerd is the world’s simplest bug tracker for the web. Downie and Milosavljevic are already known in user experience circles for the popular online usability testing tool FiveSecondTest. Aimed at designers and developers alike, BugHerd is a bug tracker that overlays on a webpage, allowing the entire team to log and manage bugs visually, all without leaving the page they’re working on. Users can flag and annotate an HTML element on their website, and share that issue with the rest of the team. BugHerd is currently in open beta.


Chorus gets meaning from the 10 billion emails that are sent to customer support departments every year. These departments are bombarded by an avalanche every day, and all they can do is try replying as fast as possible, without any intelligence into which issues are the most important, what the changing trends are, and how customers’ relationship with a company changes over time. Chorus lets companies reply to the angriest emails first, decrease risk of bad PR on social networks, and predict future trends and sentiment. All of this results in more customer love.


Grabble was started after a discussion between Anthony Marcar and Stuart Argue. Anthony mentioned that he scanned every receipt so that when tax time came around, he would have them on hand. Stuart was perplexed, and one week later had decided that paper receipts were a problem that must be solved! Anthony of course agreed, and in December 2010, a course of action was chosen to rid the world of paper receipts. The rest is history in the making.

IRL Gaming

Zombies: In Real Life (Zombies:IRL) is a location-based survival game for the iPhone that uses the real-world as the playing surface. Most location-based gameplay is lameplay, skipping to and fro to collect badges and solve puzzles. Screw that — Zombies: IRL reaches out, grabs players by the neck, and tries to eat their brains.

In Zombies: IRL, your town is a horror movie, and you and your friends can compete or cooperate in saving your town from the zombie hordes.

Game mechanic:
Players explore their real-world surroundings via the location-based app. Players enter real-world venues to battle the undead, while seeking out food, weapons and medical supplies to help them and their friends survive. While real-world non-players continue in their dreary lives around us, players must fight to reclaim their neighborhood from the zombies, one infested venue at a time.

Find out more at http://zombies.irlgaming.com


Noosbox is an add-on for Gmail to help you share and search emails with your work colleagues. Once installed every conversation has a “Share” button which will make that important conversation visible to your coworkers, as well as making the information in it searchable and discoverable. Teams using Noosbox can quickly build up a powerful shared feed of information about the conversations, contacts, organisations they deal with every day with very little effort.