Trump Cards

You’re an exceptional developer or designer and want to do a startup but you don’t have a co-founder yet. Or you’re working in a big boring company where there are more meetings than IQ points and you’d like to experience a startup but you don’t know where to start.

Enter Startmate Trump Cards. Trump Cards is a three month program designed to help you experience what it is like to work in a very early stage startup and go through the Startmate process. You’ll work alongside some promising founders, build stuff that users will love (or hate. And you’ll find out the same day). And by the end, you’ll either be a lot more ready to start your own startup or to join another as an early employee.

Startups require speed, action, an empathy for messiness and most of all initiative. If that’s you, we’d love for you to apply below.

Applications for Trump Cards 2013 have now closed. You can read our FAQ here.

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